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My Subscription Key or Simulation Number does not work. Where do I get a Simulation Number?

My Subscription Key or Simulation Number does not work. Where do I get a Simulation Number?

Asked by GoVentureContributor8655 on Oct 29, 2009 09:39 EDT

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You may have your Subscription Key and Simulation Number confused. A Subscription Key (sometimes called a Passkey) is used to create a new login account on This gives you access to GoVenture. A Subscription Key may be included with your textbook, or may have to be purchased separately.

A Simulation Number is a number given to you by your instructor. The Simulation Number is used to connect you to your instructor's simulation competition and allows your instructor to monitor your performance. Once you have created an account and logged into GoVenture, when you choose to PLAY the simulation you will be prompted to enter your Simulation Number.

If you are an instructor and are unsure where to get a Simulation Number, here's how: Login to GoVenture. As an Instructor, you should have Simulation Manager privileges, which means you should see a number of options available to you (unlike Student logins which only have a "Play GoVenture" link).

Choose to CREATE A NEW Simulation Competition. Follow the directions provided and you will be given one or more Simulation Numbers to assign to your students. It is important that your students use the Simulation Numbers you provide, otherwise they will not be able to submit their Performance Evaluation Reports to you.

Using your Simulation Numbers connects your students to you, allowing you to see their Performance Evaluation Reports when using your GoVenture login. Note that students must click the SUBMIT button to send a Performance Evaluation Report to you.

Oct 29, 2009 09:41 EDT
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