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I'm an instructor that created a GoVenture subscription but cannot play/join a simulation competition


Asked by GoVentureContributor8655 on Jan 19, 2010 13:38 EDT

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If you are able to login to your GoVenture account online but cannot play GoVenture because you are prompted to enter a Simulation Number you do not have, then it is likely that you have a STUDENT account instead of an INSTRUCTOR account.

Instructor accounts have more features available than do student accounts. When you login, if your only options are to Play GoVenture or review the training videos and user guide, then you have a STUDENT account. If there are many more options available to you, then you have an INSTRUCTOR account. Instructor accounts provide what are called SIMULATION MANAGER privileges. Such privileges are needed to create a Simulation Competition for students to join and play.

The type of account you have is determined by the SUBSCRIPTION KEY you used to create your account. Subscription Keys that are bundled with textbooks or purchased separately or online are STUDENT accounts.

Instructor Subscription Keys are only available to instructors and can be requested from your textbook sales representative or directly from GoVenture/MediaSpark. GoVenture/MediaSpark can also convert your existing Student account to an Instructor account without requiring you to obtain another Subscription key or create a new account. Contact us to help.

Jan 19, 2010 13:40 EDT
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