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GoVenture Online Simulation won't play

GoVenture Online Simulation won't play

Asked by GoVentureContributor8655 on Oct 29, 2009 09:44 EDT

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1. Make sure you have successfully created an account using your Subscription Key and are able to login to GoVenture (see above).

2. Make sure you have entered a valid Simulation Number (see above). If you enter an invalid Simulation Number, you will immediately see an error message telling you so.

3. If you are able to click PLAY to start GoVenture and a new window appears but remains blank with no visible activity and no error message, then the problem is with your Shockwave plugin. Shockwave may not be fully installed or there may be a problem with your Internet browser. Try using GoVenture with a different Internet browser. Note that installing Shockwave on one Internet browser does not mean it is installed on all Internet browsers on your computer. You may have to repeat the installation with each Internet browser that you try. You should also try rebooting your computer. To confirm that Shockwave is working properly, visit the Adobe website and try playing a Shockwave game:

If it works then go to step 4. If it does not work, you have to contact your computer administrator or Adobe for assistance on properly installing the Shockwave plugin.

4. If the Shockwave plugin is working properly, then the problem may be with GoVenture. Please contact us to investigate the problem - see the bottom of this page for contact directions. Be sure to mention that you tried the steps noted above and describe what you see happening on the screen.

Oct 29, 2009 09:45 EDT
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